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big love fierce juju nonprofit

BIG LOVE FIERCE JUJU foundation aims to provide aid in multiple forms, varying from funding direct medical research to helping people model their mindset and its importance in healing and happiness for people of  all ages in need of care for their daily psyche.

Through the BIG LOVE FIERCE JUJU Foundation, Dr. Shieva Ghofrany plans to help people engage in their mindset and "lose the fear" of VERY common, everyday, but admittedly anxiety-provoking issues.

Through years of obesity, multiple miscarriages, children with medical ailments, a challenging vaginal delivery, two c-sections and THEN ovarian cancer with multiple surgeries, complications and chemotherapy, Shieva has "been there, done that."


And has learned that "losing the fear" and acknowledging and framing one's mindset is CRUCIAL in shaping more positive outcomes and at the very least a more enjoyable journey! Ultimately the goal is to help people ENGAGE on all levels to IMPROVE THEIR OWN and the GLOBAL "JUJU".

Show off your big love fierce juju with each $25 donation! Choose either large black or small gold - each with the inscription "big love fierce juju" on one side and "etsamtfo" (embrace the suck and move the f$*# on).

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